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Shock, Outrage, Sanctimony — BALONEY!

9 August 2008

What’s wrong with the media? They’re a pack of sanctimonious hypocrites!

Raw meat! Senator John Edwards served up a favorite dish to the cable as well as the broadcast news media in his “midnight confession” regarding his not-nearly-discreet-enough affair with a documentary filmmaker hired by his campaign back in 2006. And not to let us down for a second, the political reporters/pundits jumped on it and chewed at it until there was nothing left but bare bone, and then they gnawed on that!

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” Jesus of Nazareth.

Surprisingly enough, the Republicans, who have had more than their fair share of sexual and other scandals of late, showed marked restraint. But the holier-than-thou news media picked up their stones and started throwing away. Leader of the chorus? Mike Barnicle who was subbing for Chris Matthews on Hardball Friday. Now, while I know absolutely nothing about the often rumpled Mr. Barnicle, I will take his multiple stone tosses as an indication that he is untainted by the sin of adultery. I would respectfully remind good ol’ self-professed Irish Catholic Mike that his personal savior did not say, “Let he who is not guilty of adultery cast the first stone.” Perhaps Mr. Barnicle should take a look deep inside and see if he is really qualified to hurl that rock.

Now, I in no way mean to minimize the actions of Senator Edwards, and as an early supporter of his campaign, I am glad that we’re not faced with the enormous task of electing him president this November. Thank You, God! Why is it that this society and our press are so hung up on all things sexual that it seems to be the only thing that matters? Is it more important than food or shelter or a way to transport yourself to work? Is sexual misbehavior and lying about it really worse than a gigantic set of lies told to us by our oh-so-Christian President and his Vice-President and Cabinet that has led to the deaths of 4,500 young men in the desert sands of Iraq?

I cry “foul” at the media for hyping a story about sexual misconduct and feigning horror and outrage, when the same media sat idly by and allowed our current Administration to lead us into the hell hole that is Iraq. And I also call the American media to account for sitting neutrally on the fence while more and more of our fine, young soldiers die every month in that lie-driven war. Where is your outrage? Where is your shock? All you have to offer the American people who watch you day after day to gain information and insight into what is going on in the world is a bunch of baloney!

Yesterday we had the spectacle of Mike Barnicle stating that he could never trust anything that Senator Edwards had ever said. I always find it peculiar when a member of the media is more upset by sexual misconduct than the aggrieved spouse. What is that about? It’s not like Senator Edwards was cheating on you, Mike. Then we were treated to the temerity of David Gregory musing on Senator Edwards’ admission of narcissism. Now that’s really the pot calling the kettle black. Mr. Gregory never fails to punctuate his talking points with a self-congratulatory smile. He became my hero when he stood up to the Bush White House during press conferences, but that hard-hitting journalism has turned into know-it-all self promotion since he landed his own show. Sorry, David, I just calls them as I sees them.

We have an economy in the tank. Unemployment is up. Groceries are higher every time we go to the store. Although big oil is trying to lull us back into trusting them by lowering the price at the pump lately, it’s still cripplingly expensive to us real mugs out here. We’re bogged down in two wars in the Middle East. Yet huge amounts of time on Friday were dedicated to every little detail of Senator Edwards’ private failings. Here’s the one guy out there who is really addressing the problems faced by those living in poverty, and along comes big-business sponsored television to stone him to death and drown out his message. A pox on all your houses!

Thank God for the Olympics. My blood pressure could use the rest. Hang in there, fellow liberals. Keep fighting the good fight toward November.

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