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Let’s Pretend

26 August 2008

What’s wrong with the media? They allow conservative pundits to get away with depicting them as a bunch of left-leaning liberals when, in fact, since the days of the Clintons, the conservatives have ruled the airwaves.

Let’s pretend that the media is pro-Obama and anti-McCain. That’s the silly game that Joe Scarborough and Tucker Carlson ran this morning during the extended session of Morning Joe today. I think it is a bit rich for a couple of avowed Republicans who have had or do have their own cable “news” shows to pretend that there’s this terrible liberal bias in the media. It went like this: Tucker Carlson opined that every time Obama made some sort of mistake or gaff, that the mainstream media assumed the role of “apologists” for him. Then Joe Scarborough took up the charge stating that every time McCain did something wrong, that Republicans would literally crawl out of the woodwork to criticize him. What trash!

As much as I have come to hate the Republican party, the one thing I have always admired and envied them for is their great message discipline. Going back to the advent of the 24-hour cable news world, I have watched in amazement and disgust as hour after hour a different Republican appears on the “news” shows and repeats verbatim the talking point of the day. It’s like magic. In the days of the Salem witch trials, they would have all been burned at the stake for reading each other’s minds. But we have modern communication to thank for this great show of unity and message “oneness.”

So isn’t it unbelievable that Joe Scarborough and Tucker Carlson talk out of one side of their mouths about the Hillary uprising in the Democratic party – all the media has talked about for days if not weeks – and then turn around and accuse their colleagues in the media of being apologists for Barack Obama? That’s some crust! I wouldn’t be sitting here today writing this blog if I hadn’t been sickened and crazed by the media’s continual Obama bashing that has been coming at Barack Obama since he wrapped up the nomination. The Media: “What’s wrong with Barack Obama?” Has that question ever been asked about anybody or anything without the implication that there is indeed something wrong? Is this the media apologizing for Obama? To use an appropriate word from a popular Texas folk dance, The Cotton-eyed Joe, BULLSHIT!

I offer another piece of evidence to bolster my claim that the media give McCain far more passes than Obama. Several weeks ago on Race for the White House, MSNBC Political Analyst Rachel Maddow asserted her disagreement with the easy acceptance by her colleagues on the show of McCain’s claims of Barack Obama’s elitism. She pointed out that John McCain owns “nine” houses and wears $450 shoes. The rest of the panel on the show first fell silent and then quickly changed the subject back to Obama’s celebrity status. None of these self-styled experts on what is going on would touch it with a ten-foot pole. It finally took the internet media site,, to break this story open by point-blank asking McCain about his real estate holdings. He couldn’t even answer the question, passing it off to his “aides.” How elitist is that? Only then did the mainstream media gingerly pick it up. Then last night on Leno, McCain refused once again to answer the question about his homes, and instead invoked his poor-me story of being a prisoner of war. What the hell does that have to do with how many houses you own today? What happened to the straight talk express, Senator McCain?

I’m sorry, but I’m just a plain old man living on a fixed pension out in the piney woods of Texas, and I think it is important for me to know that Senator McCain, who admits he doesn’t know much about the economy and thinks it’s “fundamentally sound,” owns seven houses even if he lives in only four of them. HE’S NOT LIKE ME! And I can’t even imagine where to find $450 shoes, much less what makes them more special than the ones I pay no more than $50 for. Oh, and one last thing: I don’t have any aides to answer those questions for me, if asked. Come on, guys. Do your jobs! McCain is a bigger, richer elitist than Obama by a country mile.

I do want to give out a little love to Chris Matthews for his show yesterday. He found three of those PUMA (Party Unity My ASS) women in his Denver audience and offered them a chance to tell their side of the story. They were actually members of a group called “Clinton 4 McCain.” Finally I felt that a real light was being shined on the sham that this is. It has the fingerprints of Republican/Rovian dirty tricks all over it. These women claimed to be Hillary supporters who were now supporting McCain. The most compelling of the group was the woman in the middle who looked like an Ann Coulter wannabe. When getting her chance at the microphone, she launched into a tirade about Barack Obama’s alleged Muslim roots. When pressed by Matthews – whom I give extra credit to for the look of sheer disdain on his face – she said that the information came from a “Congressional investigator” and could be found in a report on the internet. When Matthews asked her to reveal the name of the so-called investigator, she replied, “I’m not going to tell you.” Later, in the next hour of his show, Matthews referred to the ladies as the kind of women he might run into outside the Port Authority Terminal in New York City. Now, I’ve never been there, but I think I’ve seen these kinds of nuts outside the bus terminal in Houston, so I get the picture. Thanks, Chris. I’m glad to see you have recovered and are back. Please don’t leave us with “Uncle Mike Barnicle” again. That was troubling on several levels. I like Mike, but . . . .

Well, that’s all for today. I can’t bear to stay away from the television as the Democrats hold their convention and hopefully open a can of “whoop ass” on John McCain. Hang in there!

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