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MSNBC, CNN and Big 3 Say NO to the Little People

28 August 2008

What’s wrong with the news media?  It’s all about them.

MSNBC uses the slogan “Unconventional Convention Coverage.”  I think it should read, “Ignore the Convention Coverage.”  And they’re not alone in this.  CNN is no better, nor are the Big 3 broadcast networks.  It seems several years ago Big Television decided that actually showing the party conventions in their entirety was a big ratings snooze.  So they decided to just show certain hours, and leave the American people in the dark about the rest.

For weeks Joe Scarborough, Norah O’Donnell, Andrea Mitchell, et al, have decried the lack of detail coming from the candidates and their parties about their positions on the many problems that face the American people, yet they refuse to air the speakers at the conventions that address those very issues.  Instead, they focus all their attention on interviews of political advisors and themselves.  Yes, themselves.  Many of the guest appearances on these shows are by their own paid “experts,” who talk endlessly about the trivia surrounding the campaigns: celebrity, race, age, religion and whatever else the campaigns “feed” them for disbursal to the public.

What led this nation into the greatest military blunder in its history was the White House cherry picking information to bolster its case.  I see no difference in the news media cherry picking what we get to see of the two party conventions.  I believe it was Joe Scarborough who said that the two political conventions are just big infomercials.  I strongly disagree.  I see them as a courtroom trial where both sides get to present their cases.  The way it is done in the courtroom is by putting witnesses on the stand to demonstrate their sides of the argument.  My background includes 14 years as a court reporter, the quietest person in the room, and I will allow that the process is often long and rarely exciting, but it is always informative.

While the talking heads of the networks chattered endlessly about the merits, or lack thereof, regarding the big-star celebrity speakers at the podium for the past three nights, dozens of regular, little people came forth to tell their very personal and moving stories of how the Republicans have let them down in the long expanse of eight years.

There was the woman from Alabama who was literally cheated out of equal pay by Goodyear Tire and Rubber for 20 years.  After winning her case before a jury of good citizens in the State of Alabama, Goodyear, with a pack of high-paid lawyers, appealed her case all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States — which means Goodyear lost every step along the way.  But the pro-business Supreme Court topped off by George W. Bush sided with Goodyear “because she should have come forward sooner and pressed her case” even though the discrimination had gone undiscovered by her for 20 years.  Then when a measure came before the Senate to rectify this loophole in the laws that allowed  big, corporate America to skirt the equal pay laws, John McCain didn’t even vote for it.  Don’t the American voters have the right to this information when sizing up McCain’s views on their lives?  MSNBC, CNN and the Big 3 said, “No, we’d rather have our analysts contemplate what Hillary is going to say.”

Last night a brave veteran of the Iraq war came to the podium to express her support for Barack Obama.  She was a retired Major in the US Army who had lost both legs in the war.  Her husband is deployed in Iraq right now, and she wanted people to know that John McCain didn’t and doesn’t support health benefits for our returning veterans.  He wants to remove all the veterans from the VA system who are there now — who earned that right during their service to this country at home and abroad — unless it is for a service-connected injury.  He wants to give them — that’s me, too, by the way — an insurance card and let us fend for ourselves.  Her assertion?  John McCain is all for wars but not for soldiers or veterans.  Don’t I have the right to this information as a Vietnam-era Veteran?  MSNBC, CNN & the Big 3 said, “No, we’d rather have an ‘interesting’ discussion on whether Bill Clinton is going to really support Barack Obama in his speech tonight.”

How do I know what these two people — and dozens of others with compelling stories about falling through the cracks created by the Bush/McCain philosophy of government and economics — had to say?  Because I changed the channel to C-SPAN and watched every speaker without one comment from somebody who thinks I’m too stupid to understand things for myself.  The media itself has an elitist air to it.  They endlessly interpret what the speakers “really mean” instead of letting us use our own minds.  It’s obvious to me that the unconventional coverage offered by big television is limited to that which they feel we should see.  Besides, they have paid all those celebrity commentators and analysts to tell us what to think.  They have their own stars and don’t really care about what’s really happening to the real people out here.  They didn’t even want to hear what the real people who took that podium had to say.  They didn’t want us to hear them either.  They robbed us, the real people of the United States of America, from having our say on national television.  Instead they hogged the microphones for themselves.  Shame on them!

I hope the news media isn’t attending the banquet at Versailles when us peasants show up with the pitchforks.  It’s angry out here! We might mistake them for their masters, the king and queen.  C’est dommage! I’m hearing the strains of the Marseillaise in the air.  Get ready, Democrats, come November 4th we’re going to storm the palace!

Adieu, Left-Eyed Jack

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  1. redriverpak permalink
    28 August 2008 8:41 pm

    I agree with your views on the media coverage. Sometimes I just want to stand up and yell “Shut the hell up!” at the endless commentaries going on. Thanks for poppping by my blog. Rest assured, I am very sarcastic and exxagerate everything to a great extent. I will be watching the speech tonight, in it’s entirety, and do realize everyone in the state is not a Cowboys Fan. I used to live in Houston during the Oilers days. However, living outside Fort Worth now, I can tell you that the Cowboys will be the lead story on the local news, followed by the Obama Speech. Pretty sad. Go Democrats! Have a good night. I will bookmark your blog and check back often.

  2. Left-Eyed Jack permalink
    28 August 2008 11:48 pm


    Pardon my zeal in commenting on your site — it’s been a real roller coaster day: joy in the morning over my growing stats, family health scare in the mid day, and renewed hope for the future after this evening’s marvelous convention speeches!

    Your reaction to the speech is as moving as the testimony of the “real people” who shared the podium with Barack Obama tonight. All I can say is if Obama wins, the future will be brighter.

    No, it was a great day today! (And my wife loved the Kitty Road Rage picture.)

  3. marpai permalink
    29 August 2008 12:44 pm

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have also been a fan of MSNBC for years, but they’ve really irritated me throughout this political year. I also turned to CSPAN so that I could see the whole DNC, not just the parts that MSNBC thought I should see. I believe the pundits on all of the major news networks create drama where there is none. Let us think for ourselves. Otherwise, you really begin to look like FOX NEWS and I really don’t think that’s what you want.

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