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Barack Rocks, McCain Produces Annie Get Your Gun

29 August 2008

What’s wrong with the news media?  Hyperbole, pure hyperbole.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not naive enough to express too much unhappiness when the hype is going in favor of Barack Obama, but when it goes the other way, pardon me if I become human and find it annoying.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Following Barack Obama’s spectacular speech last night, the folks at MSNBC and CNN went absolutely wild praising it to the sky.  It did my heart good to see even that old devil Pat Buchanan finally being cut off last night by Norah O’Donnell as he went on and on and on with his praise of what he considered to be a brilliant speech.  What a pleasurable hoot!  He was still raving about the speech this morning on Morning Joe.

The media chorus both last night and this morning, including Joe Scarborough himself, was glowing and almost unanimous.  The reason it was not unanimous was the addition of the withering uber-snob Peggy Noonan.  She was reminiscent of a high school English teacher grading a paper.  It wasn’t soaring enough.  It wasn’t that expressive.  She went on and on ad nauseam with her non-too-objective critique.  The way we can easily tell that she objects to Barack Obama at a visceral level is that she deliberately and rudely mispronounces his first name – an old English trick used to show disrespect for someone.  “You are so far below me that I don’t even have to pronounce your name properly.”  I lived in London one year, and know this tool in the English repertoire well.

Anyhow, all in all it was marvelous to watch so many from the right give high praise to not only the skill that Obama showed in delivering his speech but the depth of content.  Mike Murphy, a Republican strategist who now plays analyst on MSNBC, reported that he sent a text-message to the McCain campaign last night that said succinctly: Houston, we’ve got a problem.  In addition to the tasty flavoring of right-wing sauce, I relished at long last the satisfaction of raw red meat served up by Obama.  It was a night I will always remember.

But all good memories must be put aside in a time of battle as the opponent attacks anew.  And that attack came this morning when John McCain showed total lack of judgment and respect for the vice-presidency of this great nation and pulled out his spirited revival of Annie Get Your Gun starring that little Governor from Alaska, Sarah Palin.  Yee-haw!  Fire them six shooters and pass the moose burgers!  Annie Oakley has come to town.

At first the talking heads of the media and both political parties reacted with stunned silence, but never underestimate the ability of the Republicans to “pull themselves together.”  By this afternoon they were out in full force singing the praises of Ms. Oakley – I mean Governor Palin from network to shining network.  “She is great.  She is pro-gun.  She is pro-life.”  In fact Governor Palin opposes abortion under any circumstances.  That includes rape and incest due to child abuse.  “Praise the Lord!”  Of course, how she feels about the poor little fetus once it becomes a baby remains to be seen.  Is it supposed to take care of itself at that point?  The cold-hearted Republicans and pseudo-Christians always seem to drop the ball on the care for these unfortunate souls once they emerge from the womb.  “Too expensive.”  “Welfare mothers are just having babies to get more benefits.  Let’s cut them off!”  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.  I feel passionately about the issue.  How about some care and concern for the whole life of a child?  That’s some pro-life I could really get behind.

Back on topic, after the Republicans got past their shock and pulled themselves together around Governor Palin, the talking heads over at MSNBC also got on board.  Suddenly, after early stunned surprise they were now ready to embrace the exciting history-making nature of the moment.  The recently vapid David Gregory even gushed, “I’m so excited.  I can hardly wait for the vice-presidential debates.”  Whatever happened to the hard digging reporter who stood up to Tony Snow and the White House propaganda machine.  As far as I’m concerned, he’s been missing in action ever since he became a star with his own hour on MSNBC.

At least there was Chris Matthews, as always, to try to find some meat and potatoes beneath the frothy whipped topping that was thickly covering this glitzy show.  He put forth a quote from an interview of the Governor earlier today where she admitted she’s been too busy being a hockey mom and Governor to think too much about the war in Iraq.  Now, this is stunning!  Here we have John McCain, who supposedly has all this old-age wisdom, pick someone he has actually met twice before and never really talked with to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency of the United States when his heart is 72 years old.  I guess John McCain would rather lose the nation than to lose an election.  Absolutely unbelievable!

She is also a believer in the Bush/McCain economic plan.  I wish I could share David Gregory’s excitement about the idea of a totally unqualified woman sitting second chair to the oldest first-term President in US history in a year where the problems are overwhelming.  I guess MSNBC pays him enough money so that he doesn’t have to worry about things like the sinking economy and health care and social security.  But I do!  So pardon me if I don’t see the exciting entertainment value in a gun-toting neophyte woman from Alaska possibly becoming President real soon.

Now, to the PUMAs.  Matthews had one of these bitchy beasts on today.  No smile, no heart!  She was all in for McCain simply because he had picked a woman for his ticket.  First of all, I call BULLSHIT!  This woman was no more a sincere supporter of Hillary Clinton and true Democrat than Karl Rove.  The more I see these so-called PUMA women in the flesh, the more I see a Republican operative or Ditto Head operative sent out to poison the waters.  My advice to women who feel somewhat seduced by these snake-in-the-grass creatures is to figuratively do with them what we down here in Texas do with snakes: cut off their heads!   The way you do that is to realize that the head is either the RNC or the McCain campaign or Rush Limbaugh and refuse to give them what they want.  Remember this:  McCain is insulting to all women when he thinks he can just replace one with another.  And he is especially insulting to Hillary Clinton when he asserts that a woman who has been governor of Alaska for one year and a half can replace Hillary’s years of experience and knowledge in government.  DO NOT BE DECEIVED!

And just in case that’s not enough, Governor Palin does not support equal pay for equal work by women.  And as for you PUMAs out there, if you are so stupid that you would cast your vote for McCain/Palin, perhaps you’re not worthy of equal pay for equal work because mentally you aren’t equal to anybody else!

Well, anyway, I hope I have counterbalanced the hyperbole that I witnessed today with some of my own.  True Democrats and believers in the Hope that America can once again become a shining beacon to the world, keep following Barack Obama, joining in his fight to take our country back from the country-club set.  Onward to November!


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