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Lights! Cameras! Compassion!

2 September 2008

What’s wrong with the television news media?  They allow the Republicans to dictate the storyline without question.

Andrea Mitchell

Andrea Mitchell

There she sat in all her glory, Auntie Andrea Mitchell lending her support and approval to the Republicans for giving up those nasty political speeches and instead charitably raising funds for the expected victims of Hurricane Gustav.  She showed through her big brown eyes that her heart was truly warmed.  Sorry, but I smell Kool-Aid on her breath.  The once hard-hitting Ms. Mitchell has succumbed to mushy sentimentality.

Unfortunately, she was not alone.  My man, the usually reliable Chris Matthews, literally gushed a line of gibberish about how the maverick McCain was now transforming the newly-maverick Republican Party to quickly adjust to changes on the ground.  I will offer forgiveness and dispensation to Chris due to the fact that he often gets caught up in a moment where his obviously big-old Irish heart is moved by somebody doing the right thing in a world where it is rare.  Both sides in the battle for the White House have been beneficiaries of his sense of grandness in the moment.

I, of course, see this whole thing in a very different way.  THIS IS WHAT REPUBLICANS DO!  They wear crosses on their lapels, so that you will know that they are Christians as they pick your pocket.  They wear American flags on their other lapel, so that they can justify wars in foreign lands without question while calling those of us who have honorably served our country traitors for not falling in line behind the neo-con march to world domination.  Now, they are using a hurricane to piously show their great charity and concern for the “little people” while they have the full focus of the television media.  “Country First!”  “We’re not going to engage in political speeches while a hurricane blows in.  Instead we’re going to make a big show of our charity!”

Jesus said, “Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men.  Verily I say unto you, they have their reward.  But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth: that thine alms may be in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.”  Matthew 6: 2-4.  This passage comes directly from the Sermon on the Mount which lays the very bedrock of the Christian faith.  So, Republicans, how are you doing?

I also feel that it’s about time that the rich folks who are the financial backbone of the Republican Party give a little support to all the little American people out here.  After all, they have sent our jobs overseas, slashed and burned health care benefits for children, funding for public schools and support for all those brave but poor women who chose to give their unborn children the right to life as the Republicans preach.  In addition to all this true lack of care at the Republican-run governmental level, charities of every kind are reporting dramatic shortfalls in contributions to their missions of support.  It seems that the trickle has stopped from the top-down economic view supported by the Republicans.  Greed, not need!  That is the true Republican philosophy of the new century.  So now, with the cameras on and lights ablaze, they show their “concern.”  I call “BULLSHIT!”

In her introduction of the four Gulf-Coast governors, Laura Bush was careful to point out, “and they are all Republicans!”  The delegates cheered.  Then we were treated to the much-hated by all sides governor of my home state Texas, Rick Perry, pointing out repeatedly that all the Gulf-Coast governors are Republicans.  More cheering delegates.  No politics, huh?  Once again, and all together now:  BULLSHIT!

There was a much more compelling report over on ABC Evening News at 5:30 CST, where ABC reporter Brian Ross took a camera crew out into the Twin Cities and covered what the Republicans were really doing while they thought nobody was watching.  There was a “Pink Disco Party” complete with pink wigs and boas that drew quite a crowd, a crowd of hypocrites.  As they were confronted by the ABC camera crew, they hid their faces behind their boas so they wouldn’t be recognized.  It reminded me of all those Southern Baptist girls I took to dances back in high school who instructed me to not dance them into any of the pictures being taken by the school newspaper or yearbook lest the people they went to church with would see them at a dance.

While the “little people” at the far end of the Mississippi River were battening down their hatches and packing their bags to flee for their lives, the Ohio Republican Delegation was enjoying a Riverboat cruise at the Mississippi’s northern end courtesy of a lobbying group.  And let’s don’t overlook the picture of a roasted pig served up to the California Republican Delegation by a big oil company.  There was also a large party thrown by a former aide to the sleazy US Representative turned lobbyist Tom Delay of Texas.

Behind all those lapel pins, the compassion from the “compassionate conservatives” is once again hard to see.  For years all I have seen from the Republicans is pure politics, and this is no exception.

Let’s not forget that they also dodged the bullet of Bush/Cheney crashing their “celebration of change.”  But we were treated to the spectacle of President No Show, showing up in the heart of Texas – where the storm wasn’t – to lend his support from a safe distance.  He didn’t want to “get in the way.”  I have to side with Gilligan – I mean Bush on that point!  As far as I’m concerned, he has been in the way for the worse part of eight years and it’s time for him and his crowd to get the hell out of the way!  That includes John McBush!

Do not be deceived!  The only thing conservatives are truly compassionate about is – well, nothing!  They are passionate about improving corporate profits even if it’s at the expense of the rest of us.  That’s not compassion; it’s GREED!

Get out there and fight to take our country back!

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