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McCain Earns Medal Of Dishonor

10 September 2008
Chris Matthews, Hardball

Chris Matthews, Hardball

What’s wrong with the media? “Do you know what the media is? It’s a 500 pound guy looking for a 100 pound burro to get on,” Chris Matthews on Morning Joe September 10, 2008.

John McCain took the low road today, taking the print and television news media with him. As a military veteran who has continued to hold out some hope that McCain’s sense of decency would return him to an honorable campaign discussing the very real issues that face us out here in the real world, I find myself in a state of great sadness. I guess he has degenerated into just another lying politician who is only interested in winning his election despite sloganeering to the contrary. This isn’t country first; this is McCain first.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

In case you have not been following the story today, the McCain Campaign has launched two new ads, one on the internet and one on television. Both bear false witness against Barack Obama, and for those who claim to care about morals in this country, I would like to point out that one of The Ten Commandments is: Thou shalt not bear false witness. So for the millions out there who are so enthralled with the Republican ticket, where is your sense of moral outrage? The campaign has lifted a sound byte out of an Obama speech referring to McCain’s economic plan, and falsely attributed it to an attack on Sarah Palin. Obama stated that McCain’s economic plan for America was the same as we currently have under George W. Bush and that there is no way you can put lipstick on that pig and call it change. Those are the facts as shown in clips by MSNBC and CNN, and even that wily old Pat Buchanan admitted that McCain was distorting Obama’s statement, although he considered it to be “good politics.”

John McCain - Winning at Any Cost?

John McCain - Winning at Any Cost?

The other ad, the one produced to air on television, distorts the truth about an educational bill sponsored in the Illinois State Senate by Barack Obama to help educate kindergarteners so that they could recognize and fend off sexual predators when they saw them. What rational person wouldn’t agree that that is a good idea? But in a lower than low politics-first move, the McCain Campaign alleges in their phony ad that the bill supported “comprehensive sex education for five-year-olds.” Nothing could be further from the truth, and the same cynics that brought us the Bush 2000 and Bush 2004 campaigns know it and don’t care. John McCain doesn’t care either as long as it gets him elected. So much for the “Straight-Talk Express!”

For their parts, MSNBC and CNN have played into this outrageous sham directed at the voters of the United States by giving free airtime to these spurious ads which they know to be inaccurate. Then the talking heads wag their tongues incessantly about it, some even calling it “good politics” for McCain to keep Obama from talking about the issues concerning voters. What a sad state of affairs we have come to in this country that lies are saluted as “good politics.” I guess that ad revenue is ad revenue and television doesn’t want to discourage that, no matter what.

McCain’s newfound comfort with misrepresentation is becoming more and more obvious to the observer. He stands there grinning like an old fool, waving at the crowd, side by side with Sarah Palin as she repeatedly misrepresents her position on the “Bridge to Nowhere” to the adoring cheers of Republicans who also don’t seem to be interested in the truth either.

Bush, McCain - Buddies!

Bush, McCain - Buddies!

Is this change? It looks pretty much the same to me. Our current President, George W. Bush, ran two very divisive campaigns where he and his supporters viciously and dishonestly attacked everyone who got in their way, including John McCain himself in 2000. I don’t see a change!

Mr. Bush took us into a war in Iraq in which we are still bogged down, and John McCain supports that war wholeheartedly. I don’t see a change!

While the cost of that war and the other forgotten war in Afghanistan have risen to billions of tax dollars, George W. Bush gave the richest and most powerful among us, even those who were profiteering from the war – Halliburton, for example – massive tax cuts, but not so much for the average people out here working for a living. McCain supports that same policy. I don’t see a change!

Busy Waiting Room

Busy Waiting Room

George W. Bush gave tax incentives to American Corporations to ship jobs overseas laying off thousands, if not millions, of American workers, and John McCain would continue this same course. I don’t see a change!

George W. Bush has sat idly by as 43 million Americans have fallen through the cracks of the healthcare system with no real access to medical treatment they may really need. John McCain offers a tax-rebate to those who can already afford to buy their own healthcare insurance, but if you can’t? Sorry, Charlie! I don’t see a change!

To coin an old expression: If it walks like a Bush and talks like a Bush, it’s probably a Bush! Do not be deceived by the Karl Rove crowd as they try to misdirect your attention to the lovely Sarah Palin – a trick magicians have been doing with their beautiful assistants for centuries. The Republicans have not one thing to offer the American people, so they offer up a celebrity female candidate to titillate the press and confuse as many people as they can into believing that they stand for change – or shall we call it reform. John McCain is demonstrating by the very way he runs his campaign that he is truly just another deceitful version of George W. Bush. The only change that McCain and Palin bring to the White House is a change of name for those in charge. The policies will be exactly the same.

As Democrats we must resist the shallow, cynical attempts by our opponents to distract us from taking the message of real change on the issues to the American people. It’s our only chance of winning. Don’t blow it by following the rabbit down the hole of personality politics. IT’S THE ISSUES, STUPID! Barack Obama knows this, and we need to trust our leader and follow him to victory in November!

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