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McCain & Bush Plan Enables Wall Street Gamblers

21 September 2008

What’s wrong with the media?  All too often, just like our current Administration, they ignore the smoke signals of an impending crisis until it is a full blaze.  It’s just more sensationally telegenic that way, isn’t it?

First, let me take a moment to say that it’s good to be back in society.  We lost power, telephone and internet access as a result of Hurricane Ike which made my endeavors here impossible.  It’s been like living in a surreal bubble in a third-world country when you are hit by that kind of catastrophe, and I will report my experiences, especially the political underpinnings of help to people in that situation in another post.  However, when I returned to the land of the politically informed, I was first greeted by this supposedly sudden financial meltdown and would be remiss if I didn’t address it here.

John McCain

John McCain

For months now, small voices have been given a minute or two of airtime to express their grave concerns about the reckoning that was heading our way as a result of the sub-prime mortgage market.  But John McCain, when asked – and he has been asked plenty – has repeatedly delivered the George W. Bush line, “The fundamentals of the economy are sound.”  The Republican line has remained that, if we will just bestow more tax cuts on big business, they will use those tax savings to “continue” the great fundamentals of our economy.  So what we can surmise from this behavior is that while President Bush has been asleep at the wheel, John McCain has been enjoying a nap whenever economists have been warning of the impending disaster that finally everybody has admitted to this week.

John Boehner on This Week with George Stephanopoulis

John Boehner on This Week with George Stephanopoulis

When finally confronted with the problems of Wall Street, and particularly mega insurer AIG, John McCain began flip-flopping like a fish left on the beach by the receding flooding that washed over Galveston Island.  First he showed a typical Republican sensibility by decrying any idea of a bailout.  Then he was for the bailout.  Then he was against it, and now he’s for it again – but with “consequences.”  However, when House Republican Leader John Boehner appeared on This Week with George Stephanopoulus today, he took the very-Republican line that the money for the bailout should be handed quickly with no questions asked to the same people of Wall Street that have landed us in this mess.  I smell the stinking breath of an “up-or-down-vote” demand from the Republicans that we get on every other issue that they push.

Cokie Roberts, on the same show, alluded to the surfacing of conspiracy theories surrounding this problem.  She said that she didn’t believe that such a thing was going on, but I do.  Once again we are being asked as the citizens/ taxpayers of this country to give a rubber stamp to the Bush Administration to handle a bad situation.  Sorry, but I refuse to abandon healthy skepticism.  The timing of this whole thing just smells like that fish on the beach some days after it stops flopping.  I can’t quite get past the fact that the big-business, big-bank, big-investment-firm, big-insurance-company government senses that it’s about to lose its lease on the White House.  And in one last act of welfare for the rich, the Bush Administration is ready to open the cash drawer and allow their backers to finish cleaning it out.  Out on the streets it’s called “smash and grab.”  The big boys of Wall Street have gotten in their big truck and crashed it into the front of the Treasury Department and are getting ready to load up all the goodies and run home to their mansions and continue their high life at the country club.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

As for the rest of us?  Sorry, middle-class people!  Sorry, poor people!  Sorry, regular people!  We just don’t have enough money to bail out the auto industry so you can get your job back.  We just don’t have the money to give everybody affordable healthcare.  We only have enough money to keep the doors open down at the Wall Street Casino.  The whole Republican approach to this crisis is to enable the busted gamblers the capital to step back up to the table and start betting again.  If you have any doubt about that, just look at the reaction of the markets for the two days after our government all but guaranteed that their losses would be negated no matter how irresponsibly they act.  Two days of huge gains followed as the brokers rushed their clients back into the government-insured market.  OUTRAGEOUS!

For his part, McCain now wants to clothe himself in the “reform” mantle and call for first a commission to study the problem, then some reasonable regulations to stop this from happening again.  And we, the gullible American people, are supposed to believe that he has learned his lesson and repented of the sin of absolute deregulation that he has wallowed in for years.  Not so fast, John!  And as for the lovely Sarah Palin, she comments that “there’s a whole lot of fixin’ to do.”  Sorry, Sarah, I think the “fixin’” has already been done.  Let’s face it: the fix is in, and the Republicans are in on the fix.

The chief way we can see that the Republicans are in on the “fix” is the fact that they were all over the airwaves today sounding a familiar mantra.  “The American people are not interested in who or what’s to blame.  They only want to go forward with a solution.”  This is like a murderer’s lawyer trying to tell the jury at the courthouse that there’s no use meting out justice to the evildoer.  Let’s just pass a new law making murder a bigger, more heavily punishable crime.  “As for my client, sending him to prison or executing him won’t bring back the victim.”  Now, I live in a very law-and-order Republican state down here in Texas, and that kind of argument never sails in the courtroom.  The Republican Party just doesn’t want to be held accountable for their wrongdoing, so they’re just telling us that dwelling on that is unproductive.  Sorry, Republicans, I want some justice!  I have a feeling that the hardworking taxpayers of this country would like some justice, too.  We’ve seen too many sweetheart deals by this Administration and the former Republican-lead Congress, and we’re ready for some accountability.

Anyway, after surviving 110 mph hurricane winds at my house and days of no contact with the outside world, I just had to get that off my chest.  Feels good!  Hang in there, seekers of justice.  Let’s not let ourselves be deceived by the same old fast-talking Republican politicians and operatives that have brought us this sorry Presidency.  Fight on to November!  We’re almost there.


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