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Angry Right Boos McCain, Hockey Fans Boo Palin

12 October 2008

What’s wrong with the media?  They are still falling for the distraction tactics of the McCain campaign.

Meet The Press

Meet The Press

While the Sunday morning talk shows did devote a great deal of time to the economic meltdown, they still spent a fair amount of time on the nastiness of the Presidential campaign.  Now, while I feel that the economic meltdown needs a great deal of explanation, I also understand after this morning why the media doesn’t fall in love with the reporting of it.  As the economic experts and advisors talked and talked and talked this morning on this truly important issue, I found my eyes glazing over and rolling back in my head.  It was just incredibly bad television.  So I’m prepared to cut the media some slack on this one.  However, couldn’t they find someone out there that could talk to us about the whole mess in language we – that being regular people on Main Street – can understand?  Surely there is someone.  Of course, the media wouldn’t say anything about what the experts said, anyway, if it couldn’t be cut into an easy-to-digest soundbite.

McCain, Palin

McCain, Palin

Think, on the other hand, what a gift the McCain/Palin campaign has been feeding the media this week with their racially-charged attacks on Barack Obama.  Now, some – especially those in the media who are always ready to give “good old John McCain” a pass – fail to see the racial aspects of this strategy.  But as I have said repeatedly in my blog, having been born, bred, and raised here in the Old Confederacy, I know racism when I hear it and see it.  We have had nearly 150 years to learn how to talk about that issue without really saying the N word.  Yes, we are quite adept at it down here.  A pronoun is just as good as a noun when discussing those who are different.  You know, “them,” “those people” or simply “people from the wrong side of the tracks.”  Yes, we are very good at it, and we are very good at recognizing it.  So is a Republican Party that has been shoring up its Southern Strategy with that issue for years.

Gayle Quinnell, worker for McCain Campaign

Gayle Quinnell, volunteer working for McCain Campaign

That brings us to John McCain’s real dilemma this week when face to face with one of his supporters.  A little lady later identified as Gayle Quinnell stood up at a McCain rally on Friday afternoon in Minnesota and claimed she couldn’t “trust” Obama because he was an “Arab.”  McCain immediately took the microphone away from her and explained that he didn’t believe that and that Senator Obama was a decent family man.  But today, thanks to my friend over at Willpen’s World, I was directed to a site that showed an interview of Ms. Quinnell after the rally.  You can see it for yourself at The Uptake Group.  [Give it time to upload.  Subtitles are included because some parts are difficult to hear.]  But in case you are not predisposed to go there, in essence the woman admitted to being a campaign worker in McCain’s Campaign Headquarters.

The whole incident smacks of a set-up by the McCain campaign so they could have it both ways.  First, they could have the outrageous claim made by an “ordinary citizen” and then the good-guy candidate could dispute it.  In fact, that seemed to be McCain’s strategy during that rally where he earlier assured his supporters that they didn’t have to be afraid of a President Obama to a chorus of boos.  Second, in her interview Mrs. Quinnell went on to brag that she had made 400 mailings to random addresses from the phonebook of a “letter” that substantiated her claim of Obama’s Muslim affiliations.  She also admits that she got the info from a fellow worker at McCain Campaign Headquarters — not the campaign itself — and that most of McCain’s supporters in the office believed the allegations against Obama.  Very interesting!

Hockey Mom pin

Hockey Mom pin

Now, on to three more hopeful items.  Sarah Palin was dispatched to drop the first puck at the Philadelphia Flyers home-opening hockey game last night.  It seemed like the perfect venue to show her bonafides as a “hockey mom.”  Well, it didn’t go exactly as expected.  While some of the fans cheered her announcement, more stood up and gave her the old Roman “thumbs down” and booed vociferously.  I guess Sarah’s losing her magic touch with “middle America.”  Or did she ever have it to begin with?  Let’s face it, Sarah Palin has appeared over and over at carefully staged and orchestrated campaign events that are strictly limited to known supporters of the McCain/Palin ticket.  Every time she has stepped out of the well-managed arenas that her “handlers” have arranged for her, she has met with disaster: two “real” network interviews with arguably the nicest of the evening news anchors.  Her only other interviews have been on Fox Propaganda Network where she has been treated like royalty.

Then there’s that LITTLE matter of “Troopergate.”  The bi-partisan report was released late – that’s after the news cycle was over in the lower 48 – Friday.  And while the majority Republican Alaska House Committee did what it could to soften the blow, they still quite plainly said that Governor Palin had violated Alaska’s State Ethics Laws by using her influence to get her ex-brother-in-law fired from his state job.  The McCain campaign and every Republican who could be found to comment, rushed to her defense and trashed the evil brother-in-law, while erroneously saying that there was no finding on law-breaking on Palin’s part and it was all a partisan Obama-led conspiracy.  I guess in addition to being wrong on the economy and several other issues, most Republicans working for the election of John McCain can’t read plain English.  Even Palin herself added to her vast treasury of trust by announcing that she was glad that no violations of law had been found by the investigators.  But, of course, we already knew she couldn’t read plain English.  This would account for her not being able to cite the news publications she reads.  Apparently, she doesn’t read!

Margaret and Helen

Margaret and Helen

That brings me to my final item.  A fellow Texas senior by the name of Helen Philpot blogs at a post called Margaret and Helen.  Mrs. Jack showed her blog to me this morning, and I couldn’t tear myself away from the computer as I read all of her political postings and as many comments as I felt I had time for.  She’s cleaning up on comments.  She is a feisty 82 year old and hasn’t got anything nice to say about Sarah Palin or John McCain.  If you’re looking for a laugh-out-loud good time, head on over to her site and prepare to become hooked.  She is the real straight-talker.  Oh, and just as a little sample of her great humor, she refers to McCain and Palin as Rocky and Bullwinkle.  I will be using that in the future myself as an homage to her greatness.  What a super eye she has for the politically absurd!  Check her out!  You’ll be glad you did and want to go back for more.

Now, I have a little piece of homework for those who wish to accept it.  I ran into this on Helen’s site.  PBS is conducting a phone-in survey to determine how many people think Sarah Palin is qualified to be President of the United States, and it seems that the right-wingers got there first and stacked the poll.  So go to and take a few minutes to complete the survey.  We don’t want the McCain campaign crowing about how many PBS watchers think Palin is qualified to lead our nation.

Well, that’s it for today.  Mainly odds and ends, I admit.  Let’s help keep each other sane through the last days of the onslaught ahead.  I think our chances are still good.  Keep fighting the good fight!

[NOTE: The original link to the PBS poll 435 contained an error.  That has now been corrected.  Please go vote, because it’s running about 49% to 49% right now.]

4 Comments leave one →
  1. 12 October 2008 7:08 pm


    Would you please post the link to Margaret and Helen’s blog. Thanks…

    and I am keeping the fight going as much as I could.

  2. Left-Eyed Jack permalink*
    13 October 2008 8:52 am


    Already done. Helen is a real hoot. Mrs. Jack pulled her blog up so I could read it on her computer and then left the room. She came back to check on me because I was laughing so hard.

  3. 13 October 2008 2:02 pm

    Hey Jack,

    read about Obama’s new Economic Rescue Plan for the Middle Class on my blog.


    P.S. Forget about media, if they were to be fair, they would have talked about Gov. Palin’s ties to the seperatist party in Alaska.

  4. Left-Eyed Jack permalink*
    13 October 2008 4:23 pm

    @Kevin Robles

    Thanks for the comment, Kevin. My blog is dedicated to keeping the so-called “left-wing” media under scrutiny, so I won’t be able to forget about the media. I just wanted to point out to one and all that the media isn’t all that left-wing when a liberal like me gets just as angry about what they say as a conservative might

    Went to your site Keep up the good work. I think it’s cool that a 15 year old is so involved in the election.

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