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Grouchy Grinch Can’t Rile No-Drama Obama

16 October 2008

What’s wrong with the media?  Two things, this morning.  1.  They obsess about the mythology of somebody like Joe the Plumber.  2.  Some among them practice revisionism about how the debate went.

John McCain, doesn't get it

John McCain, doesn't get it

I love to hear him whine!  I refer to Joe Scarborough.  For over a week now I have rushed myself out of bed each day to hear Morning Joe whine about the unfair treatment John McCain has been getting from the evil left-wing, liberal media. Boo-hoo!  Now, you may wonder why a liberal would rush out of bed to see such a thing, but it is very simple.  I am using the high-pitched whine of Joe Scarborough to judge how Barack Obama is doing.  The better Obama’s polls get, the more Joe whines.  Watch for yourselves.  It’s absolutely delicious!  Whine on, Joe.  Love to hear you whine!

Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough

Today, Scarborough had on his Republican Operative hat as he claimed over and over again how John McCain had won the debate last night despite all the polls of every-day people to the contrary.  To bolster his claims of a McCain victory, he gave massive time to the reliably conservative Pat Buchanan to back him up.  And in case that wasn’t getting through, Joe kept Harold Ford, Democrat from Tennessee, from speaking to the contrary by talking over him.  Scarborough used his show as strategically as FOX PROPANDA NETWORK to erase the facts from his viewers’ heads.  Now, I should think this is bad, but I also take it as a sign of encouragement.  The Republicans are in a state of panic like we haven’t seen since Watergate.  And for an old Democrat like me, it’s a sight to behold.

Obama and Joe the Plumber

Obama and Joe the Plumber

Now, let’s talk about Joe the Plumber.  This guy, who Obama ran into out on the trail Sunday, was picked up by McCain as the perfect foil to Obama’s “tax-raising” persona.  Joe for all intents and purposes looked like a solidly middle-class white guy from the Toledo suburbs.  I have no quarrel with that as a factual matter.  However, Joe the Plumber looked and sounded exactly like my Republican brother but without my brother’s fancy house and cars.  Joe is afraid that Obama’s tax plan is going to raise his taxes, when independent investigators have indicated that Joe falls well below the $250,000 level that Obama has designated.  But Joe didn’t want to listen to that.  My brother – let’s call him Jim the Republican – says exactly the same thing.  The only thing is, my brother “Jim the Republican” makes around $90,000.  There is not enough talk in the world to get my brother to believe that Barack Obama is not going to raise his taxes.  He always believes everything Republicans say is the gospel truth.  His mind is made up.

When the media tracked down and rolled out Joe the Plumber and the footage from Sunday’s talk with Obama, the body language was striking.  The guy from the get-go was not really interested in listening to what Obama had to say.  In the most telling part of all, when Obama tried to reach out to him by putting his hand on Joe’s shoulder, the husky white suburbanite almost flinched, crossing his arms across his chest in the classic I’m-not-listening-to-you stance.  Of course, McCain couldn’t wait to put a new Joe next to Joe Six Pack to show how much he gets what average Americans are going through.  And Joe, no doubt a McCain supporter from the beginning, was glad to do his part to help.  You can’t blame Joe for taking his moment in the spotlight, and you can’t blame the floundering McCain campaign for grasping at a new straw.  But I’m not buying it.

Over and over last night during the debate, McCain showed his disdain for the concerns of every-day Americans as he sneered at Obama while Obama talked about their plight concerning jobs, healthcare and economic hard times.  Once again, failing to find the words “middle class” in his vocabulary, McCain simply sat back and assumed the cynical unmoved look of someone with a secret knowledge of what Americans are really feeling out here.  Again and again he retreated to the old Republican mantra of lower taxes for the wealthy and freezing up the expenditures of Federal funds that might help out those real average Joes in trouble.  Instead, while making the bold statement, “I am not George W. Bush,” he steamed forward with the Bush plan for economic growth and prosperity.  Hey, Senator McCain, it’s not working!  Don’t you get it?  His Grinchy grin showed that he, indeed, doesn’t get it.  He just looked mean in every way.

Speaking of looking mean, what was that about the air quotation marks around the word “health” when applied to a woman’s safety during a difficult pregnancy.  John McCain clearly indicated that he thought the concern of any woman’s health and well-being, not to mention survival, was simply a ploy to get around late-term abortion restrictions he would like to see enacted.  What rock did this Neanderthal man crawl out from under?  It was just another example of how John McCain takes sledge hammers to problems instead of thinking them through in any sort of sophisticated way.  That’s not the kind of guy I want sitting with his finger poised over the nuclear button at a time of world crisis.

Then there’s the other guy, my guy, Barack Obama.  What a cool, calm and collected character he really is.  I could not have sat there under the onslaught he encountered last night without losing my temper.  That’s because I’m old and irascible.  Those are the same reasons I wouldn’t make a particularly good President of the United States.  But No-Drama Obama will make exactly the kind of level-headed President I feel safe with.  I don’t think he would press the nuclear missile firing button first and ask questions later.  McCain?  I’m not so sure.  McCain sure seems to change his mind a lot when confronted with a crisis.  The problem with that is, after you launch the missile, you can’t call it back.  SCARY!

For some reason John McCain, either because this is who he really is, or because he so desperately wants to be President of the United States, has been channeling the persona of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.  The stark image was undeniable last night.  The focus groups who watched and the people polled saw it, too.  I’m one “Who” that isn’t ready to let the Grinch steal my country and hold the future of the free world in his hands.

Sorry, Senator McCain, you still just don’t get it!

Victory last night was great, but that was last night and doesn’t really count.  The real victory we must achieve is on November 4th.  Keep fighting the good fight!

P.S.  For a more humorous analysis of last night, go by and checkout Margaret & Helen, and for another look into the dark world of the McCain campaign, go to Willpen’s World and see what she found out there.

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  1. 16 October 2008 3:23 pm

    Another great analysis Jack…. let’s keep up the fight…

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