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OMG! Did He Say F**k?

10 November 2008

early-birdAn old, trite adage tells us that the early bird gets the worm.  Well, for us old early birds, it was a good day for worms.  I often wonder why it is in my retirement that I still get up before the sun each day.  Of course, it is partly because my dogs start bothering me about their morning needs at a certain hour.  They have incredible internal clocks.  So do I, but this morning, during a groggy start, I asked myself why I was up.  And then, as Joe Scarborough ranted on and on and on about Rahm Emanuel I wondered why I still watch Morning Joe now that the election is over.  Fortunately for me, the caffeine kicked in before I could muster up the energy to hit the remote control and turn the TV to CNN.

Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough

Ever since John McCain’s fortunes took a nose dive around his lack of understanding about the American economy, Joe Scarborough has been on a constant rant/whine about first one culprit then another behind the demise of John McCain.  Morning Joe has never quite come to terms with the fact:  It’s the issues, stupid!  It’s the issues!  He has never admitted for a single moment that the Republicans have moved away from mainstream thought in American politics.  It is because of the evil left-wing media that Republicans took a bloodbath last Tuesday.  And after a measly one-day attempt to “give support to Barrack Obama,” Scarborough began chanting and ranting the new National Republican Party spin that President-elect Obama has gone back on his promise to be bi-partisan by appointing Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff.  Hey, Republicans, get over it!  You lost the election and don’t get to appoint the new White House staff and Cabinet.  I don’t remember George W. Bush rushing out to bring a bunch of Democrats into his White House after promising to be a “uniter, not divider.”


Rahm Emanuel with President-Elect Obama

So, this morning during the first two hours Joe Scarborough hammered and hammered and hammered some more at Rahm Emanuel, giving him no quarter in a relentless attack.  But, of course, it is HIS show, so Joe pretty much gets away with whatever he wants.  But in the third hour of his morning MSNBC show, wound up by his very own rhetoric, the loquacious Scarborough took it one word too far.

Mika Brzezinski

Mika Brzezinski

In referring to Representative Emanuel, he accused Rahm Emanuel of saying – and I quote exactly the two words that he blurted out – “fuck you!” to his opponents.  As I sat there shoveling my eggs and hash browns into my mouth, I almost choked on my food as I tried to keep from bursting into laughter.  The other panelists on the show first sat in wide-eyed disbelief before shooting glancing looks at each other and then bursting into nervous laughter.  Mika Brzezinski didn’t join the laughter but instead tried to move the conversation forward.

Joe & Susan Scarborough

Joe & Susan Scarborough

Joe didn’t even slow down at first, continuing on with his acid rant, until somebody clued him as to what was going on.  I must admit that I was laughing so hard by this point that I couldn’t hear the dialogue.  But Joe first denied the whole thing, stating that he had only said “F.”  He continued this denial until a text message arrived from his wife informing him that he had, indeed, dropped the F bomb on live national television.  He then tried to dismiss it as being part of a quotation attributable to Rahm Emanuel, but soon realized he was caught red handed not acting very “family valuey.” Too funny!


Jackson & Timberlake: Oops!

What a problem this presents for the easily offended Religious Right Wing of the Republican Party.  They all but demanded the head of Janet Jackson on a silver platter for her infamous “wardrobe malfunction” here at Houston’s Super Bowl a few years ago.  The Bush Administration brought the full weight of their Federal Communications Commission down on Ms. Jackson and CBS for allowing it to air.  It was depicted as just another example of those godless liberals trying to corrupt our nation’s youth.  “Kill her!  Kill her!  Kill the witch!”

imus-don-time-coverThe next big thing that came down the pike was the very reason that Joe Scarborough even has a morning show.  It seems like only yesterday that he replaced another unfortunate talk show host that spoke in a most unpolitically-correct manner, Don Imus.  One cannot soon forget Imus’ characterization of the Rutgers women’s basketball team as “a bunch of knappy-headed hos.”  The furor this time came from the left, and Imus was quickly and unceremoniously removed from the air by General Electric/NBC.  Enter Joe Scarborough with Morning Joe to take his place.  Surely there would be no such problems with a family-values Republican.

FCC Headquarters

FCC Headquarters

I would love to be in the offices with the “suits” at GE and NBC this morning as they are greeted with this little “faux pas” by Mr. Scarborough.  I’m sure they are scrambling to form some damage-control strategy for themselves.  Scarborough’s wife sent a second text message to her husband asking the obvious:  “How much is the fine going to be?”  msnbc-logoThat’s what GE/NBC execs are asking themselves this morning.  “S-O-S!  S-O-S!”  What are they going to do, we may well ask.  If Scarborough survives this stumble, we can be assured that his show will now go into the land of the five-second-delay broadcast, because execs who watch the playback will see that the words flowed both smoothly and easily from Joe’s mouth.  In fact, he didn’t even seem to realize he had let them slip.  “Danger, Will Robinson!  Danger!”

Evan Bayh

Evan Bayh

I, for one, join with the sentiments expressed a few minutes later by a guest, Democratic Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, who felt it was time to cut politicians of all stripes a little more slack in the days to come.  While I am sure that it was very difficult for the little Republican mommy who was feeding her children their Cheerios this morning and suddenly was slapped in the face with the “F” word, I also believe religious-rightthat in today’s world there are few men and even maybe women who haven’t uttered this word inappropriately in their lifetimes.  But it also is a moment that begs for the Moral-Majority types to admit that times have changed and that they can’t protect their children from everything that comes down the pike – even things that come from their own champions.  That’s what parenting is for.  Not just to shield your children from any unpleasantness that comes along, but to teach them how to deal with it and put it in proper perspective.  Face it, it’s going to happen!

As for Joe Scarborough, I hope that he weathers the storm and perhaps learns a little humility in the process.  He loves to rant his judgments against every non-Republican that comes along, but he should remember a directive from The New Testament, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”  It’s time for a lot more civility and cooperation in our nation and a lot less judgment.  Learn from your mistake, Joe, and move on.  Despite my criticisms of you, I enjoy your program every morning.  For God’s sake, I get up early every morning to tune in.  So, let’s agree to disagree and move on.  Our nation needs the healing.

As for my regular readers, KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT!


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