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Japan & Germany Forge Alliance With Confederate States Of America To Win World War II

12 December 2008
Jon Meacham, Newsweek

Jon Meacham, Newsweek

In a stunning blow to American workers last night, Senate Republicans killed any attempt to assist the Big Three U.S. automakers.  Banding together to protect the interests of Asian and German automakers, they possibly dealt a death blow to Ford, GM and Chrysler.  Jon Meacham of Newsweek, in an appearance today on Morning Joe made the following observation about last night’s collapse:  “Japan, Germany and the American South have formed the new Axis of Evil.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Did we really win that war?

Within a few days of the 68th anniversary of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, they have finally succeeded in their efforts to bring down the United States of America.  Using the southern wing of the Republican Party, they have managed to kill, once and for all, the great manufacturing base of the U.S.  Those same hypocritical politicians who love to wave their U.S. flags and act more-patriotic-than thou, have banded together with corporations supported by foreign governments to bring down a segment of the U.S. economy.  How shameful!

Pearl Harbor, USS Shaw

Pearl Harbor, USS Shaw

The Ubiquitous Southern Vehicle

The Ubiquitous Southern Vehicle

I suggest that these so-called patriots climb back into their U.S.-made pickups with the Confederate flags plastered across their back windshields and start honking a new chorus of Dixie.  Finally, The South has gotten its long-awaited revenge on The North for not allowing its secession from the Union 150 years ago.  Perhaps Lincoln made the wrong decision.  Perhaps he should have let them go.  I’m sure that an apartheid-style dictatorship in the old Confederacy would be a greatly viable nation today.  NOT!

Of course, I jest because I would be one of the unfortunate citizens of such a nation.  Maybe as a first son of a first son I would be relatively exempt from the bad side of such a government because I would still hold my family’s plantation in South Carolina.  But I would probably be facing an eternity in hell for supporting slavery, not to mention abusive treatment of the “poor white trash” who would still be stuck here.

tara-vivien-leigh-gone_with_the_wind Everybody in the old Confederate States of America likes to fantasize that they are descended from the gentry who owned plantations and lived the life depicted in Gone With The Wind.  Being from a dust-bowl Okie family, I never lived under that assumption.  Imagine the surprise my dad’s family felt when we learned a few years ago that we were descendants of a Colonel in the Confederate Army who owned a profitable plantation, complete with slaves, in South Carolina.  Of course, that little loss of a war in the mid-1800s changed the family’s fortunes forever and sent them on a western pilgrimage that ended in poverty in Oklahoma.

cotton-farm-eastern-ok-19381All I can say about that unfortunate outcome for my family is, “Thank God.”  Why?  Because the grinding poverty felt by my family, which threatened to imprison me as well, taught me some compassion for the downtrodden.  This seems to be lacking in the elites who now rule southern politics.  They consider grinding poverty a sign of fiscally-sound government that should be continued at all costs.  Of course the only costs they are concerned with are their own losses of what amounts to a few dollars for them in taxes.  The loss of health and well-being on the part of great numbers of their fellow citizens doesn’t faze them in the least.  We saw that displayed by the Southern Senators last evening as they embarked on a selfish plan to bring down not only the UAW, but all unions in this nation and possibly the entire U.S .economy.

welfare-mothers-06-29-94These vocal and hypocritical people who control every aspect of life in The South always blame the poorest, least represented elements of society for every problem.  During the Reagan years they crusaded endlessly against “welfare mothers.”   The drain caused on our nation’s treasuries and the recession of the mid 70s and early 80s was all the fault of lazy welfare mothers who wouldn’t leave their children at home and go to work.  I say “leave their children at home” because these same politicians had no interest in helping these poor, unfortunate women pay for childcare in order to go to a minimum-wage or less job.  Oh, the “less”, would be the jobs of domestic servants in the big houses located in every southern town and city.  The unwillingness of the masses to wait upon the fine ladies and gentlemen of the south was often lamented in the expression, “Good help is so hard to find these days.”  I know that has been a problem ever since you couldn’t just go down to the slave market in New Orleans and purchase “help” for life.  Such a loss!

the "Stars and Bars"

the "Stars and Bars"

Yeah, all my life I have heard the complaint of my fellow southerners about how much better things would be if only we had won the Civil War.  Confederate flags have been as prominently displayed on our Statehouse and County Courthouse grounds as that “other flag”, the U.S. flag.  And “Dixie,” the national anthem of the Confederate States of America has always been played and sung with the same reverence and pride as the “Star Spangled Banner.”  Yet, when called to task for this treasonous behavior back in 2000, the whole South rose up to confed-flag-shirt-cartoonclaim that the “Stars and Bars” is a part of our heritage and in no way represents any ill feelings toward the U.S. Government.  And it in no way can be interpreted to be an indication of any racist sentiment on our part.  I call BULLSHIT!  It’s time to rip the blindfolds off of everybody’s eyes.  The rich elites of The South have used racist politics to divide and conquer a poor majority and continue their corrupt policies as clearly illustrated in the Federal report uncovered by our sleeping media yesterday.  Can it be considered a mere coincidence that the top four states on the list of the most corrupt states in the nation were from the old Confederacy?  Could it be a further coincidence that the most poverty-stricken states in our nation are former members of the Confederate States of America?

Faux christian - the grotesque John Hagee - who rails against abortion, which the Bible barely even mentions, and lives as an extremely obese man, which the Bible condemns directly.

Faux Christian - the grotesque John Hagee - who rails against abortion, which the Bible barely even mentions, and lives as an extremely obese man, which the Bible condemns directly.

It’s not just time for the nation as a whole to awaken to these truths, it is way past time for the downtrodden citizens of The South to realize that they are being played, misled and ripped off by their political and religious leaders and put a stop to it.  It’s time that we in The South rejoin the United States of America and stop our endless rebellion against it.  Because if we don’t, our children and grandchildren are going to have to learn to speak Chinese, Japanese and German in order to survive in the new world that we are flag-chinaflag-japanflag-germanhelping to forge.  Hey, Southerners, did you notice that Spanish didn’t make my list?  That’s because, for all the hype and misdirection about illegal aliens, the real threat to our national identity and well being is being posed by our elected officials – Republican elected officials – who are selling us out in the name of “open trade.”  Wake up!  Your house is on fire!  And somebody closed the fire station.

It’s time for my fellow southerners to get their heads out and start thinking for themselves and learning the facts.  The consequences of hanging on to our old ideas are dire.

Mr. Goodwrench - here today!  Gone tomorrow?

Mr. Goodwrench - here today! Gone tomorrow?

Oh, and by the way, one other thing to think about.  When the maker of your recent-model American pickup or SUV goes into bankruptcy, one of the contracts that they will be relieved from honoring will be that warranty that you depend on when something goes wrong.  Did you think about that?  Oh, don’t worry, nobody will be making the parts to fix it anyway.

Silly me!  Why worry at all?  Just climb in your pickup or SUV, burn some Arab oil and head on over to Wal-Mart, whistling “Dixie” all the way.  Once you’re there, buy something made in China.  You’ll feel much better.  Merry Bleeping Christmas!


P.S.  Go over to Our Southern Senators and Southern Citizens – I Wonder . . . for an interesting post, followed by a letter from a Ford Dealer in West Virginia.  It’s a must read!

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  1. 12 December 2008 10:56 pm


    Once again you have out done yourself. I guess staying angry is the only way that we can stay focused. So if that is what we need to do, we have to all gather to kick some collective butt and keep the fires stoked and burning. I am ready for action…..inaction is simply NOT acceptable anymore.

    • Left-Eyed Jack permalink*
      13 December 2008 3:10 pm

      To: Willpen,

      The sands are indeed running quickly through the hourglass. Please read my response to Edward H. Sebesta and follow the link to his book site. He and his co-authors outline a very frightening vision of a neo-Confederacy movement that must be watched. I may be moving to New Jersey like a refugee running ahead of the Nazis if the neo-Confederacy takes hold down here in Texas. I HATE winter and would rather not. No offense intended.

      Now I’m not only angry, I’m scared. I’ve got a lot to write about, it appears. Thanks for your continuing support.

  2. 13 December 2008 8:33 am

    Neo-Confederate politics is the politics of inequality.

    We detail it in the book “Neo-Confederacy: A Critical Introduction,” University of Texas Press. There is a link to the book and the Introduction of the book at:

    • Left-Eyed Jack permalink*
      13 December 2008 3:03 pm

      To: Edward H. Sebesta,

      Thanks for the link to your publication. I found your forward to be most informative. While I have felt these things were going on for quite some time, as a son of The South, I am frightened by your confirmation. It makes me wonder how much longer it will be safe for those of us who do not share this narrow racist view of our Southern Heritage to live here. The barks of the racist dogs that showed up for Sarah Palin seemed like a warning to everyone in this nation that something was afoot. The media, however, has largely chosen to ignore this warning and proclaim President-Elect Obama’s win as the end of racism in our nation. A Thanksgiving spent with my family demonstrated at a very personal level how wrong they are.

      I have long studied the rise of the Nazis in Germany and see many similarities in this neo-Confederacy movement. Do you believe that we are in immediate danger of such a hostile takeover by neo-Confederates?

      I suggest all my readers visit your site and read your foreword and, indeed, buy your book. I have been opining these viewpoints for quite some time in my blog.

      Hope you have the time to come back and talk to us again.

  3. 13 December 2008 8:03 pm


    I have just followed the link left by Edward Sebesta. Nothing of what is said surprises me in the least. Having grown up in the large yet small microcosm of NYC, and being part a large ethnic community here which is really not prevalent in other parts of the country, I am well aware of what the real world is like outside my doorstep. Having traveled around the country and having met people from not only the South but the Mid West as well, I have been struck by how I have automatically been perceived as your “typical North East Jewish Liberal”, many times without people even really getting to know me. It is an almost automatic reaction as soon as people hear my accent and my NY nuances. I can almost hear them asking themselves in the far reaches of their brains. “so where are the horns”.

    This is something that you get to understand and deal with. Like we have so often discussed on these pages here, there is a frightening arousal of this kind of rhetoric, which for me was oh so prevalent during the Presidential campaign.

    Yes, it is very scary and Yes, we need to stay vigilant. Thank you again for this link. I hope that we can continue this discussion here in the future.

    • Left-Eyed Jack permalink*
      16 December 2008 9:58 am

      To: Willpen,

      Oh, yes, I have taken this up like a holy crusade, so it will be a continuing discussion in my blog. At least you “typical North East Jewish Liberals” have not fallen into the trap your cousins in 1930s Berlin fell into. The sophisticated, educated Jewish community of Berlin couldn’t believe that Hitler and the Nazis were serious until it was too late. That’s why vigilance is so critical in this matter. I will continue to focus very sharply on this threat to not only my region and its inhabitants, but the nation as a whole. I refuse to sit idly by as a bunch of racist, fascist white supremacists take over the land of my birth.


  4. mike permalink
    7 February 2009 2:49 pm

    be afraid, my little liberals, be very afraid

  5. Jacky permalink
    28 April 2009 7:48 am


    • 29 April 2009 2:21 pm

      Dear Jacky,

      I hope you’re rich or you won’t enjoy it all that much. Gone With The Wind represents the lifestyle of very few rich, elite southerners. As for me, I’m not looking forward to living in the Confederate States of America or The Republic of Texas.

      Have you REALLY thought about what you’re asking for?

      Thanks for illustrating my disdain for my fellow southerners.

  6. Mel Knoy permalink
    17 October 2009 3:58 am

    Saw you on “Morning Joe”, thank you, your take on health care is spot on.
    Mel Knoy
    Mesa AZ

    • 21 October 2009 11:27 am

      To: Mel Knoy,

      While I would LOVE to go a round or two with Joe Scarborough, I have yet to be invited to appear on his program. I guess it was somebody who sounded a lot like me. LOL!

      Thanks anyway.

  7. 9 February 2010 8:01 am

    To: Mark,

    I am sorry to inform you that your stupid comment has been filibustered. Therefore it will not be brought forward for a debate.

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