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21 October 2009
Dr. Nancy Snyderman

Dr. Nancy Snyderman

That’s the word Dr. Nancy Snyderman used this morning on the Today Show in summing up their report on yet another child being denied healthcare insurance for dubious reasons.  “This is ridiculous,” she said.  Last week we had denial of coverage to an infant, less than one year old, because he was deemed to be obese by a healthcare insurance provider in Colorado.  Today’s report was yet a different healthcare insurance “provider” in Colorado that outrageously co-opts the golden rule in their name, Golden Rule Healthcare.  They claimed that a two-year-old girl was too thin and called it a pre-existing condition.  Too fat, too thin, it seems that the insurance companies that would have us believe that a government-run healthcare program would put grandma to death, are not blinking an eye as they exclude helpless children from coverage.

It is time for the madness to stop!  It is time for our politicians to stand up and do the right thing for the people of the United States of America and stop enabling the corruption that passes for healthcare insurance in this country.  It is time for the Republican Party to put away its insane get-Obama-at-any-cost strategy and to start being Americans, not Republicans first.  And it is time for us as American Citizens to bombard our Congressmen with e-mails, faxes and letters, letting them know that enough is enough and also letting them know that we will no longer stand idly by and allow the insurance lobby to buy off our representatives in Washington.  Remember the old “America First” cry of the 1980s?  It’s time for a new battle cry: Americans First!  Not insurance companies first, and not political parties first.

David Gregory

David Gregory, NBC

It is also time to tell our news providers that we are sick and tired of them promoting sensationalism over education.  Every major network has a website where you can send them messages about their broadcasting practices, and we should use them to demand that they provide us with facts and not fear-induced sensationalism.  It is time for us to follow through on what we intended to do last November and take our country back from the politicians and include the airwaves as well.  The Ridiculous Right has had their way with the media since inauguration day.  They have managed to organize, with the help of FOX News, those idiotic tea parties and steal the spotlight from the real issues of the healthcare debate by disrupting every town hall meeting that was held, shouting down anybody who had a real problem with the current healthcare system.  And it wasn’t just FOX News that helped their cause.  Every major news organization gave the shouting few center stage in the debate and failed miserably to go to the trouble of finding those who might have a legitimate concern with healthcare in this nation.

It has been particularly frustrating to those of us who live in states like mine, Texas.  My representative, Republican-first Kevin Brady, held several town hall meetings and what seemed to me to be pre-recorded “live” telephone town hall meetings for the sole purpose of getting the people in my area “stirred up” against Barack Obama and any sort of meaningful healthcare reform.  He did not offer one single idea about what to do, but instead encouraged the local “nuts” to cry and carry on about how Obama has “changed my country.”  He also allowed a woman in the “live” telephone town hall meeting that I listened to, to invoke the “death panel” argument without one word of correction on his part.  So, for those of us who do not agree with the Republicans and live here, it seems to be useless to contact him.  However, I have decided that I will contact him nonetheless to express my disapproval of his putting the Republican Party and big insurance companies ahead of his constituency in a state that ranks at the very top of the uninsured-Americans-by-state list.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison

I have made the decision to take the same tack with Senators Cornyn and Hutchison.  They both are dancing around the real needs of their constituents while waxing poetical about capitalism and free enterprise.  Kay Bailey Hutchison has announced her campaign for Governor of Texas next year, and promised to resign her U.S. Senate seat “soon” so that Texans can be represented in Washington.  But when pressed for a date of her resignation, she invoked the healthcare debate, claiming that she needed to remain in Washington until it is complete.  It’s a smokescreen of black proportions perpetrated on a bunch of Republican lackeys in our state who don’t seem to realize that she will be replaced by another Republican, thus making her “need to stay” bogus at best.  I have another idea for Senator Hutchison.  Instead of being a Republican in Washington, why doesn’t she become a Texan back home and take care of her “people” by getting them the much-needed healthcare they are lacking?  After all, her gubernatorial opponent, incumbent Rick Perry, will appoint a true conservative for her seat that will surely stop healthcare dead in its tracks, on threat of secession from the U.S.  So, Senator Hutchison, what do you say?  Are you fer us or agin’ us?  Just how much did big insurance contribute to your last campaign, and are they a major contributor to your bid for Governor of Texas?  I think we deserve an answer to those questions.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX)

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX)

That brings me to John Cornyn, the silver-haired devil that just got re-elected last fall.  I’m sure that he will stand on his “mandate” in defending his defense of big insurance in Washington at the expense of the folks back home.  Knowing that there would be an Obama effect last fall, however, Cornyn campaigned on “changing Washington” if re-elected.  From what I’ve seen so far, all he’s changed is getting out of his cowboy duds worn during the campaign and back into the navy banker’s suit that he regularly wears.  John Cornyn doesn’t face re-election for five long years, and that would put him in the perfect position of being able to “do the right thing” and get some health insurance for his constituents back home and mend his Republican fences in time to run for re-election in, gulp, 2014, if he’s not raptured away in the meantime.  My bets are against any politician of either party getting raptured.  Just a thought.

Rural churchWhat is clear to me is the fact that the Republicans are making everything into politics at the expense of those they claim to represent, and are helping just one group in America: Big Business.  All those who support the GOP because they somehow believe them to be more holy than the Dems are not looking at the facts.  Republicans use them to win elections and then abandon their causes when they take office.  I observe that abortion is still legal in America after 28 years of Republican rule over the past 41 years, during much of which the GOP held the White House and Congress, not to mention that strip clubs and adult bookstores remain open for business in the big cities of our country and some even along the interstate in rural areas.  YOU are being used!  Now, they want to convince you that any attempt to get YOU healthcare insurance at a reasonable rate so that you can have access to healthcare is some sort of socialist or communist plot against your church.  If you believe that, YOU are being used!

And the far right is not alone in being manipulated.  Those of us who regularly vote for Dems are also being used without any return on our investment.  But that is true for all Americans, no matter what your stripe.  It is time for us to put a stop to it and demand that the government we pay for in salaries and benefits packages work for us and not campaign contributors and lobbyists paid by those same interests to “protect” them from the PEOPLE.  In case you didn’t know, this is what Tort Reform is all about, protecting big business from THE PEOPLE.  They use medical malpractice lawsuits, which are few and far between, to hide their real agenda.

We, The People

We, The People

It is long past time that We, The People, in order to form a more perfect union, stand up to the madness that has taken over our government and demand that our servants work for us and not the vested interests that hold them captive.  And it is also time for We, The People, to demand that news media stop manipulating us to please their sponsors—the same folks that donate all that money to our elected officials—and give us the FACTS about the issues that affect us every day.

In short: the royalists are still feasting at Versailles while THE PEOPLE are out of bread.  ENOUGH!

I’m Jack, and I AM WHO I AM.


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  1. morelightthanheat permalink
    22 October 2009 12:23 am

    And let us not forget that rape and domestic violence are also “legitimate” pre-existing conditions! I see no reason to think that the insurance racket would change their practices unless forced to by a robust public option. When we have Senators like Jon Kyl who doesn’t think that he should have to pay for maternity benefits and doesn’t believe the Harvard study that quantified the number of people who die each year from lack of coverage, it’s not just the insurance companies who need to change their ways. I can only wonder what would happen to insurance rates if consumers could select their benefits as if they were a menu in a Chinese restaurant.

    • 23 October 2009 9:17 pm

      Ain’t it the SAD TRUTH! I miss the good old days of being allowed the same options as my Texas State Legislators and other public officials, but that was all swept away for me by “the education Governor,” George W. Bush when he cut funding to public schools, colleges and universities. Of course he moved on to an even better PERMANENT benefits package that I and my fellow taxpayers are paying for to this day. Oh, to be Senator Kyl or an ex-President. I think the first thing we should demand is that federal employees be made to go out and pay for their own insurance. I’ll bet we’d get a better DEAL out of Washington if they had to put up with the same insurance companies that the rest of do. After I posted “Ridiculous,” I also saw the article on the woman in Florida who was denied coverage due to her pre-existing condition: RAPE! That is not ridiculous. That is OUTRAGEOUS! When are even die-hard conservatives going to wake up and smell the coffee?

  2. 23 October 2009 6:37 pm

    Hey Jack,

    Michael Moore posted a wonderful letter yesterday on his web site, listing “15” things that every American can do “right” now to make a difference:

    If everyone out there reached just one person and that person reaches another, then things can start to happen. Maybe it’s time for our Jack to run for some public office…????

    • 23 October 2009 9:08 pm

      Thanks for the info on Michael Moore and the nomination. BUT I’ve got so many pink skeletons in my closet that I wouldn’t last five minutes. LOL! Thanks for being a friend, though.

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