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Hang In There And Git ‘Er Done!

27 October 2009

WOW! I have just arrived safely, I think, back in Ithaca after a long and perilous odyssey.


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Deciding to put my computer where my blog was, I began my message assault on my Congressional Delegation as per the instructions of Michael Moore. My representatives in Washington really do not want to be bothered by their constituents: that would be me. What were listed as e-mail addresses at the site I got from Michael Moore, were, in fact, Congressional websites. And despite my appearance several times a week in the blogosphere, if it were not for the expertise of Mrs. Jack, nothing “computerish” would be possible. I am working very diligently to learn to be more than a guy who writes in Word and then hands the copied disc off to my publisher, Mrs. Jack. But I often wonder how many people just give up early on in their bouts with the worldwide web.

Believe it or not, I took several seminar courses on the use of computers—you know, how to send and retrieve e-mails, post grades at the end of the semester and, when department head, how to submit the incredible number of reports that were demanded of me every week. But my experiences were so laborious that I came to hate the computer and consider it work! ARGHHHHHH! So the last thing I wanted to do in my free time was “get on the computer.” And I allowed no amount of prodding from Mrs. Jack and the world at large to move me off my position of extreme resistance. So when I retired, I felt like, YEA!  Now, I won’t ever have to be hunched over the computer keyboard again.

Then came my passion for the election of Barack Obama last year, and I couldn’t resist the urgings of Mrs. Jack to write a blog. Like all drug dealers, she made it very easy in the beginning. All I had to do was open Word and type. Not bad! I actually liked doing that. Over the years I have developed a meaningful relationship with the QWERTY keyboard and the Stenograph keyboard. Alas, even in this, I have had a hard time deciding between loves.

At any rate, as the blog gained speed, and I started hearing from those with similar views and not, I became more and more interested in going to their sites and reading their blogs. It was the nose of my camel entering the tent of the Internet. As I gained ability and confidence, I found it easier and easier to find my way around a search engine to the things I was interested in. But those things did not include any desire to delve into the propaganda sites of the Republican politicians of my state. After what seemed like eight interminable years of Bush/Cheney and their Republican cronies on Capitol Hill, I was convinced that they—that is, Republicans—do not listen to anyone except those who agree wholeheartedly with them.

So, despite my grumblings and threats to contact my elected officials, alas all Republican, I have heretofore fallen on the excuse of “what’s the use?” But being inspired by Michael Moore’s 15 things we can do list, I decided to leap out there and express myself whether they listened or not. Yea! I’m hitting back! I told myself. Let the games begin!

[picapp src=”e/1/c/1/Hutchinson_And_Tester_5727.jpg?adImageId=6882918&imageId=6741818″ width=”117″ height=”175″ /] After going to my favorite software, Word, and carefully crafting my e-mail messages so that I could stay focused once I was ready to actually send them, I opened my e-mail account, entered the address I had found and furiously typed my message to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX). Once satisfied, I hit the Send button. But did it send? NOOOOOOO! Instead, it told me that the address I had was nonexistent. So, I then did what I always do, run to Mrs. Jack with my exasperated complaint. “These (expletive deleted) Republicans have changed their e-mail addresses so that we can’t contact them,” I whined.


Almost always the patient teacher, Mrs. Jack came to my computer and looked everything over. She then disappeared into her office and called out to me that our representatives in Washington no longer take e-mails. Instead, they all have websites with “contact forms.” She found those web addresses at http.//, a conservative website. I’m telling you, they are just more organized than we are. Anyway, once there, she found the contact sites I needed.

Now, that sounds like it should be the end of the story, but, unfortunately, that was just the end of step one. Upon “pulling up” the sites, I was hit with a requirement for all my “personal” information—you know, name, address, telephone number. No anonymity there! So if Mrs. Jack and I should suddenly disappear, please, somebody, report on the fact that the Republicans know where to find us now. LOL! Anyway, I hope it’s just a joke, but with the party of Dick Cheney, who knows?

After Senator Hutchison, I moved on to Senator Cornyn and Rep. Kevin Brady, and after filling in the blanks I was able to leave my messages in support of a public option for all Americans regardless of which state they live in. I will write more about Harry Reid’s “compromise” leaving millions of red-state Democrats at the mercy of Republican state governments on a later date. I know that Rick Perry will be sure to keep Texans from enjoying the choice of a public option.

The reason I am writing about this today is to let those like me who want to follow suit know that it is going to take a little longer than the five minutes that the Michael Moore site contemplated. Okay, not a little longer.  A lot longer! It took me almost an hour all told. But, by golly, it was worth it, and it feels good to let my Republican representatives know that I’m not with them in their mad rush to bring down the Obama Administration at my expense.



"Join me and be a squeaky wheel." Courtesy of pinkpink33 and Pepper at

So, I urge all those out there who read this to go to the website above, find the name of your representatives, regardless of party affiliation, and start sending them a comment every day. Oh, one more thing. Once you find those comment sites, bookmark them so you can find them again. That will save time. I’m going back “in” tomorrow and the next day and the next day. I’m banking on the idea that, by this time next week, it will only take me five minutes to leave a comment. My message to all of you is: Hang in there and git ‘er done!

I am Jack. I am who I am, and I’m HITTING BACK!

With Liberty and Justice for All!

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  1. 28 October 2009 11:44 am

    Hey, folks, Jack here. It’s the next day and I went back to the sites of my Congressional delegation and left a new comment about the outrageous behavior of the banking sector. It occurs to me this morning that this is what conservatives have been doing all along, sending a constant stream of messages to their congresspersons. You know, we have a lot to learn. We need our own Limbaugh, without the bombast, of course, to remind us to be proactive at all times.

    Just a thought.

  2. morelightthanheat permalink
    28 October 2009 1:31 pm

    Hey, Jack,
    I nominate you as our conscience. Reminding us both of what we stand for and about how to be the change we want. May I recommend another source of ways to make change: Naomi Wolf’s “Give Me Liberty.” She argues that democracy is a contact sport, not a spectator one. And she makes a strong case of how to effect change, beginning at the local level.

    It’s easy to vote every four years and think we’ve done our duty, but we need to get engaged at the lowest rung of the political ladder — by attending city council, planning commission, and school board meetings to make our views heard. That’s the level where politicians get started. If they lose credibility there, they’ll never get any higher. We need to educate ourselves.

    Just this week, Dick Armey tried to justify the Conservative Party candidate’s appalling ignorance on local issues in the upcoming special election in NY by calling them parochial. The candidate Armey supports doesn’t even live in the district he hopes to represent! But he’s getting a lot of buzz from the likes of Tim Pawlenty and Sarah Palin.

    You’re right that we have a lot to learn. But the information is out there… John Dean’s recent work, George Lackoff, Naomi Wolf. Yes, it’s important to write our Congressional representatives, but we can be even more effective if we get active at the local level and grow it from there.

    • 28 October 2009 3:17 pm

      Talk dirty to me, baby! LOL! RIGHT ON! We’ve got to engage. The Right has done this for years while we’ve gone about “our lives” until election season rolls around again. The days of that luxury are gone. We’ve got to get out there and be heard.

      Thanks for your support!

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