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Personal Metamorphosis

29 September 2010

To all you devoted readers who still stop by after all this time, I am now able to explain my long absence. Rest assured, I have not lost my interest in US politics and the continuing assault on the rights of Americans being waged by the radical right, funded by big business and FOX NOISE. Can you say Tea Party?

However, I decided after the last election that it was time for me to pursue a long lost dream of my own, and follow in the shoes of one of my personal heroes, Charles Dickens. Like myself, Charles Dickens was a court reporter before he became a great novelist. When I first started teaching court reporting, I had the chance to visit and meet the court reporters who carry on his work at The Old Bailey in London. What a thrill. But it was not his career as a court reporter that made him a hero to me.

Charles Dickens

Way back before I even knew that court reporters existed, I thrilled to his novels, especially A Christmas Carol. He dared to take on the social issues of his time by writing fictional stories that illustrated the consequences of a society that had become blind to its own greedy ways at the top of the heap and uncaring of the consequences to the people who actually did the labor to keep everything going. In A Tale of Two Cities, he illustrated the madness that ensued when things broke down in France some 85 years earlier resulting in one of the bloodiest revolutions in human history.

As for Left-Eyed Jack, I want to thank all of you who have stopped by and spent your time reading my posts and commenting on them, both good and bad. Your enjoyment of my writing encouraged me to take a chance on myself and pursue my impossible dream: to become a published author. I am pleased to announce that dreams can come true, even for old men in the wilds of East Texas. I wrote a novel and submitted it to Dreamspinner Press this year on my 61st birthday. They have graciously deemed me worthy and accepted my novel, Irreversible Error, for publication as well as requesting a sequel.

I am happy to announce today that Irreversible Error will be released October 22, 2010, and its sequel, Acts of Redemption, will be released in November 2010. It has been the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a life that has been almost too exciting sometimes.

I have chosen a new Pen Name for my novelist career, Wolf Phoenix. I selected it after much thought based on the Native American custom of taking a new name for one’s self upon reaching adulthood. I chose Wolf to represent the fact that, like a pack leader wolf, as a teacher I went out into the world scouting the way for my students, and then returned to bring them the knowledge I had gained. Phoenix is a nod to a life spent with Bipolar illness which resulted in great achievements followed by great crashing disappointments. I am happy to report that for some time I have been on medication that eliminates those symptoms, but I still feel a strong attachment to the persona of the Phoenix because of its great ability to reinvent itself and fly again.

For all of you who would like to see what I have done with myself, please come by the new website created for me by Mrs. Jack at for details. October 22nd, my first novel should be available in a bookstore near you or at the website. I will be posting updates on what’s going on at my Facebook page:!/profile.php?id=100001288913464&ref=ts Friends are always welcome. Stop by.

Hope to hear from you there. As for Left-Eyed Jack, thanks for all your support.

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  1. linda d-w permalink
    30 September 2010 2:07 pm

    Hey Left ! Glad to see you back again, and WOW! Congratulations on the publication of your two books. I’ll be looking for them.

    Thanks for your wife starting the web site for you, Wolf Phoenix, and I’m going there as soon as I leave here.

    Again congratulations, and hope your holiday season is terrific as well.

    Linda in Austin

    • 2 October 2010 9:45 am

      Glad to see you. Hope you enjoy my Wolf Phoenix site, and of course, my books. Thanks!

  2. 25 October 2010 11:49 am

    OH JACK !!! I just happened to click on here and saw your new posts. I am SO thrilled that you are back doing what you love most. I too decided to get off the runaway political train that seems to be careening down a hill with no brakes. I am going to run over to your new site to check it out….

    Congratulations dear friend …

    • 26 October 2010 9:10 am

      Hey, Willpen! It’s good to hear from you. And thanks for the congrats. Hope you’re doing well. I hope nobody thinks we have lost our concern for the direction of our nation’s political system–I know I certainly haven’t–but sometimes it’s just time to move on to other things–like our own lives. I am glad you stopped by to give me the opportunity to say to anybody else who drops in, GO VOTE! Even if you have to hold your nose, it is imperative that we not let the GOP take us back to where we were! The Teabaggers are a really nasty bunch who shouldn’t be taken lightly. Those who are regular readers of my column know that I am always on the lookout for signs of a Nazi-style takeover of our government. I know it’s not politically correct to refer to anybody as a Nazi these days, but the style of this organization is pure pre-World-War-II Germany. Vote to stop these irresponsible people from taking over our government!

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